RT @designdotco: History of Design Thinking all the way back to Plato, by Stefanie Di Russo https://t.co/pFhUXIT26l https://t.co/W2A0sQnCO0
Look WHO is keeping watch over Atlanta this morning... https://t.co/eQ9SFxaYIY https://t.co/DapoMUbbfw
Time to take down the Christmas tree. It'd be crazy if it were still up in Feb! https://t.co/wOdXJu8tEh https://t.co/BNtVCZXJea
Anyone else think that boarding a plane is the 21st century incarnation of Lord of the Flies?
Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement. ~C.S. Lewis #inboxzero @boxer

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